Solving one of the greatest mysteries of our time; the car rental queue pickup nightmare

People impatiently waiting in line to get their rental car key at a Spanish airport. Photo from Car Rental Reviews.

Buckle up — it will get way worse!

The queues for picking up your rental car will increase year-by-year.

Three big players controlling ~70% of the industry

Of a total market revenue of just under $60 Billion, the three largest players in the car rental industry controls almost $40 Billion of it, counting to nearly 70% market share.

Enterprise, Hertz and AvisBudget — visualized by this semi-magician.

Watch out you big players — disruption is coming!

Online Travel Agencies (OTA's) leading the way — all the way up until the pickup counter

One of the leading OTA's,, offers a relatively seamless experience for selecting and booking a car. Unfortunately the great experience comes to a brutal stop when picking up the rented car.

Disrupting and solving the car rental pickup counter nightmare

A wave of innovations are coming our way

Tesla Robotaxi or similar services from Waymo or others will enter the car rental market, one way or the other.

Robotaxi and all that is awesome — but we need a short-term solution for the pickup issue right now

Complex issues are best solved with easy solutions.

— Anonymous, smart person

Sales pitch: Reaching out to the car rental companies

Father, nerd, entrepreneur, writer, investor and what not.

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